Harp & Other Courses 豎琴及其他課程


We partner with organizations & school to provide continuous talent pipeline of music & dance teachers, e.g. school, community center, club house or private organization, etc., and tailor made course or performance, e.g. help students to participate in jointed schools or international competitions, examinations or auditions, or annual school performance, stress release class, etc.

Our center is currently examination venue for ABRSM examination, e.g. harp & percussion.  We also provide instructions to most western music instruments and also arrange Dance training for Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) examinations and Beijing Dance Academy (BDA) for centers.  Seasonal creative arts courses will also be arranged. We encourage students to participate different competitions to broaden their horizons & build confidence.

我們與不同機構緊密合作, 提供音樂及舞蹈導師, 包括學校,社區中心,會所, 私人企業機構等。可度身制定課程,迎合各機構的需要, 如比賽,考試, 公開表演, 成人減壓課程等。

本中心為英國皇家音樂學院合資格之大型樂器考試場地, 如豎琴及敲擊樂。除音樂課程外, 本中心導師能提供英國皇家舞蹈學院, 北京舞蹈學院課程及其他藝術課程, 鼓勵學員積極參與各機構及本中心舉辦之比賽及表演活動, 藉以增進表演經驗及自信心。


Courses 課程 Descriptions
Music Instruments


ABRSM & Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance syllabus Grade 1-8 and ATCL, LTCL and FTCL  英國皇家音樂學院考試及聖三一拉邦音樂舞蹈學院課程1至8級及演奏級:

Harp 豎琴 Violin 小提琴
Piano 鋼琴 Cello大提琴
Flute 長笛 Saxophone 色士風
Clarinet單簧管 Percussion 敲擊樂
Chamber Music & Live Band


Performance in duet, trio, quartet and more instruments together  二重奏, 三重奏, 四重奏及其他合奏
Music Theory


ABRSM & Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance syllabus Grade 1 to 8  英國皇家音樂學院及聖三一拉邦音樂舞蹈學院考試課程1至8級


Royal Academy of Dance SyllabusGraded Exam Grade 1 to 8Vocational Graded Exam Pre-intermediate to Advanced 2  英國皇家舞蹈學院芭蕾舞考試1至8級及預備中級至高級BDA Syllabus – Chinese Dance – Grade Exam Grade 1 to 13北京舞蹈學院1至13級課程