Video submission Arrangement 提交影片安排細則

1. After Competition deadline, usually 2-3 weeks before competition date, each participant will receive a competition notification. Participants should follow the instruction to prepare related matters and video submission. 比賽截止日期後,通常於比賽日兩至三星期前,每位參賽者將會收到比賽通知書,參賽者應按比賽通知書內指定日期前準備有關事項。

2. Depends on COVID-19, we accept video submission for this year. You are required to upload the video to your own Youtube channel and submit the link to the Google form we provided. 由於2019冠狀病毒疫情,本中心特別安排参賽者以提交Youtube影片参賽,請於指定時間前將Youtube連結回覆至本中心提供之線上表格,敬請留意。

2022 Video submission link 提交影片及補充文件表格 ->2022 Video submission form

3. You will receive an official competition notification. If participant cannot submit by deadline, we will assume you are absent or give up this competition. 若参賽者未能於比賽通知書上之日期時間或之前提交影片,本中心將視為缺席或放棄論。

4. Please note your video should not be edited and should clearly show below items. 参賽影片必須未經編輯或剪接,請於提交之影片內清楚顯示以下各項:

a. Participant’s face 参賽者的樣子

b. Show the ID card or passport for 5 seconds 出示身份證或護照5秒

c. Playing areas and range of your instrument 彈奏樂器的所有範圍

d. Speak your full name before start of your performance 於表演前請講出姓名

5. Participant’s dress code will be smart causal e.g. female: one piece long dress, male: shirt and western trousers or formal dressing. 参賽者的衣著要求是體面的休閒服 (例如: 女: 連身長裙,男:恤衫和西褲) 或禮服。

6. For other competition details, please refer to the rules & regulations and notes from the application form. 其他比賽細則,請參考報名表附上的比賽規則和注意事項。