Sale & Rental Service 銷售及租借服務

We sell wide range of lever & pedal harps for well-known brands and keep stock in Hong Kong. Harp scores/books for examinations, methodology, self-learning and solo pieces, etc., harp accessories, like trolleys, benches, music stands, covers, tuning keys, strings are also available. Please refer to e-shop for details.

本中心出售全新豎琴, 有少量現貨, 如欲試琴或租借, 敬請預約。此外,亦提供各類音樂書藉, 樂譜, 考試書, 音樂雜貨及配件, 豎琴弦線等, 詳情請參考商店連結

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1. How to choose your harp? 如何選擇適合自己的豎琴

2. How to buy harp strings? 如何購買弦線

3. How to buy or sell a secondhand harp? 如何購買或出售二手豎琴

4. How to rent a harp? 如何租借豎琴

5. How to arrange Harp moving ? 怎樣安排豎琴搬運

6. How to make an order, arrange delivery and payment? 如何下單、安排付款及送貨?