Instrument Arrangement 比賽樂器安排細則

We will provide piano & harp in the competition (for those who play in live).  Participants can either bring your own instrument or use the Centre’s instruments.  All other instruments should prepare by participants.  Details are as below.  是次比賽本中心將安排鋼琴及豎琴供現場參賽者使用, 參賽者可選擇使用自行安排樂器到場,其他樂器必須自行安排。 樂器安排詳情如下:

1. Bring Your Own Instrument 使用自行安排之樂器

Participants are welcome to bring your instrument to the competition and please note:


  • You are required to manage your own instrument moving and make sure it arrives competition venue half an hour before competition start and moves out after competition completion.
  • 參賽者需自行安排搬運事宜並必須於比賽開始半小時前到達及比賽完成後搬離場地。
  • Participants are required to manage your own instrument tuning by half an hour before competition start. Please note participant is fully responsible for instrument safety, replace any broken strings (if any), etc.  參賽者必須負責樂器之安全、補斷弦及自行作樂器調音並於比賽開始半小時前完成。

2. Use of Centre’s Large instruments Piano & Harp 使用本中心提供之鋼琴及豎琴

Participants can use our instruments, one upright piano, two lever harps (Lyon & Healy or Salvi 34/38 & 40 strings) and one pedal (Lyon & Healy or Salvi 46/47 strings). Please note:

現場參賽者可使用本中心提供之樂器比賽, 包括1.鋼琴2.愛爾蘭式手制豎琴3.踏板式豎琴,並請注意以下:

  • If you choose to use instruments we provide, please read carefully & accept all the arrangement documents in before your application. Otherwise, please indicate that you will arrange your own instrument in the application form. 若參賽者選擇本會提供之樂器,即表示參加者同意本中心之安排, 否則請於報名表表示自行安排樂器, 以便本中心分類處理樂器事宜,敬請留意。
  • We will manage instrument move, tuning and replace any broken strings, etc. 本中心將負責提供樂器之搬運、調音、補斷弦等事宜。

3. Other Notes 其他注意事項

  • There will be no trial or practice session before or during the competition.是次比賽前或進行其間將不設試琴或練習時間。
  • Standard music stand and standard piano seat (height from 47cm to 53cm) will be provided. 本會將提供標準譜架及標準鋼琴凳 (高度為47cm至53cm)。
  • Participants can adjust the seat right before start playing. If you need any additional accessories, please bring along to the competition venue and prepare the settings before playing. If you have any needs, please raise to us as soon as possible and our assistants will try our best to help. 參賽者可於臨比賽前調整琴凳高度及位置,如有其他任何附加工具及座墊等物品,敬請自行帶到會場及自行安排,如有任何其他需要,必須於比賽當日盡快聯絡在場工作人員,本中心亦將盡量配合。
  • Participants has the responsibility to understand the above arrangement details and agree to follow our instructions before payment. If there is any disputes, we reserve the right to make final decision. 參賽者必須於付款前清楚了解是次樂器安排細則,一經付款,即表示同意本會之安排,如有任何爭議,本中心有最終決定權。