Lap Harp Package for Beginners 小豎琴入門套餐

This course will include a lap harp 小豎琴套餐入門課程包括以下一款豎琴

Package A. Derwent 20 英國手工制20弦小豎琴
Package B. Harpmini 12 弦小豎琴
Package C. Harpmini 15 弦小豎琴

Course Content 課程簡介:

This course is mainly for beginners 適合初學者(歡迎小朋友、學生、成年人報名)

Students will learn basic positions, tuning, reading sheet music, etc., including pop and classical music 教授基本彈奏技巧、睇譜、調音等🎶,教材包括彈奏流行曲或經典音樂

No of lessons 課程堂數:
4 Individual lessons @30mins 個別合共4堂(每堂30分鐘) 時間任選

🎉Package fee 套餐費用:
Package A. $4,280
Package B. $3,880
Package C. $4,680
This package includes one lap harp and one tuning key 以上套餐均包括淨琴一隻及一把調音器💕

Lap Harp information can be found in our eshop. Please click here for lap harp details.