Our Performance Service 演奏服務

We provide sample songs in audio in this website and video in YouTube channel. 我們提供基本曲目示範及YouTube視頻作參考

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Performance 表演 Instruments 樂器
Solo 獨奏 1 Harp 豎琴
Duet 二重奏 1 Harp 豎琴 +  1 Other instruments
Trio 三重奏 1 Harp 豎琴 + 2 Other instruments
Quartet 四重奏 1 Harp 豎琴 + 3 Other instruments
Other Duet 其他二重奏 2 Strings 弦樂 or 2 Woodwinds 管樂 (e.g. Violin + Cello 例如: 小提琴 + 大提琴) or 1 Digital Piano 數碼鋼琴 + 1 Other instrument 其他樂器
Other live band & More 其他樂隊組合 Upon request with other listed instruments 其他樂器合奏

Other instruments available 其他樂器

Piano, Violin, Cello, Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, etc. 鋼琴, 小提琴, 大提琴, 長笛, 單簧管, 色士風等

Our quotation will include transportation of harp (without stairs) in city areas.  There will be seasonal promotion price from time to time and outside city areas require specific address for quotation.

To get a specific quotation for your event,  please what’s app us at +852 5300 3003 or email info@harmonieharp.com.hk for further details.

以上價目以包括搬運(無梯級)市區, 本中心提供不定期季節性折扣優惠, 需另作報價, 詳情請與我們聯絡。

*Amplifying System – Rental of amplifying system will require additional charge from HKD6,800, depends on performance team scale.

*Transportation – Our quotation include transportation fee in city center areas & without stairs. Additional charge  may  apply to venues with stairs or far from city centre.

*Out of standard song list or Jukebox – We provide wide range of styles in our performance standard song list, e.g. classical, pop, romantics, Western/Asian style etc. If client require more performance out of the standard list, there will be additional editing charge HK$500 per song and client is required to notify us your choice by two months before event date. Please note we do not provide jukebox during performance.

*Hoist Blackrain Storm or Typhoon Signal No. 8 or above Arrangement – In case of bad weather announced by Hong Kong Observatory within 3 hours before start / on performance day, all outdoor perfomance will be cancelled.  If transporatation is not allowed / we have safety concerns, our centre will reserve the right to cancel indoor performance.  If client have re-arrangement on another day because of above or other situation, please notify us as soon as possible.  Any re-arrangement will require additional cost and we cannot guaranteed the same performer to perform.  Please note all payments is non-refundable in any circumstances.

Our Centre reserve the right to make changes to the above terms.  In case of dsipute, we reserve the right to make final decision.

*擴音設備 – 如客戶需租用擴音設備將另行報價, 基本收費調整由HKD6,800起, 視乎樂隊形式及人數而定。

*搬運安排 -大型樂器運費於確定選擇樂器或地點一併報價, 一般市區及無樓梯之場地運費無需額外費用。

*非固定曲目 / 現場點歌– 本中心提供不同類型專業音樂演出, 如古典,流行,浪漫等中西樂曲, 客戶如需要選用更多非固定曲目, 編曲費用為每首HKD500, 並必須於2個月前通知本中心, 表演期間不提供現場點歌, 敬請留意。

*懸掛黑色暴雨警告或八號風球或以上安排 – 如香港天文台於表演開始前3小時內已宣佈天氣惡劣或當天有機會改掛以上警告, 本中心將取消所有戶外表演, 如遇交通障礙或安全問題未能安排樂器送到會場, 本中心有權以安全為理由取消室內表演。如客戶因此更改表演日期, 亦必須於表演開始前預先通知本中心, 任何臨時更改均須付額外費用, 本中心將盡量配合, 但不能保證同一表演者參與改期或變更之表演, 所有已付之費用將不能退回。