Studio Rental User Guide 琴房租用須知

  1. All harp rental will be first prioritized to student who learn harp in Our Centre. 本中心學生將優先租用豎琴房。
  2. Harp model will be assigned according to availability. Harp model and room availability is subject to Centre’s final decision. 本中心根據情況而定分配豎琴房之豎琴款式, 如有任何爭議, 本中心有最終決定權。
  1. Monthly ten sessions rental plan must be used within one month, counting from first practice session. Client is responsible to understand the expiry date before ten sessions start. All paid fee is not transferable. 學員之十堂月租計劃必須在一個月內使用,從第一次練習開始計算。客戶有責任於購買月租計劃或使用前了解月租到期日,逾期均作放棄處理。所有已付費用均不能轉讓其他服務或作購物之用。
  1. We encourage our Centre students to have more practice. In case students practice more than 10 sessions within a month, the rest sessions will be free of charge. To enjoy such special discount, the monthly ten sessions must be paid for calendar month, i.e. from 1st to end of the month, e.g. 28th to 31st, as appropriate. Such special discount will be cancelled for the month if student no show in any practice session. 為鼓勵學員積極練習,凡本中心學員參加十堂月租計劃可免費享用第十一節或以上的額外練琴時間,此優惠必須由每月一號付款及開始計算至月底,如學員已預約而遲到或臨時缺席者,當月將被取消獲得此優惠之資格,敬請留意。
  1. Each practice session will be no less than 45mins. One additional session will be charged if a practice session is overrun. 每節練習最少45分鐘,如遇超時,本中心將作加一節計算。
  1. There will be no make-up time for late comers. All reservation of practice room must be arranged or cancelled at least 24 hours in advance. 請注意所有預訂必須24小時提前安排或取消,使用者遲到將不獲補時間。
  1. Anyone who enter our Centre is required to follow staff instructions on utilization of facilities. We reserves the right to expel any person for non-compliance of user guidelines. Our Centre may request indemnity in case of damage. 任何人進入本中心必須按中心人員的指示使用樂器,任何人如不正確地使用本中心設施,本中心有權請使用者離開,如有任何損壞,本中心保留追究權利。
  1. Any teaching activities or accompanying must be pre-approved by our Centre before renting.  Otherwise, only one participant will be allowed to enter practice room. 除獲本中心批准外,每間琴房內只供一位學員練習之用,其他具教學成分及任何非練習活動均不適用。
  2. Anyone who enter our centre practice room must take off your shoes or change  indoor shoes in our Centre area. 任何人仕進入本中心之琴房必須脫鞋或更換室內鞋或只穿襪子。
  3. Please keep our room clean and tidy, no eating and drinking is allowed when using our facilities. 請注意保持琴房整潔,於本中心內不准飲食。