Competition General Rule 比賽規則

Competition Content and Code 比賽組別及代號

Solo 獨奏組 (Maximum 3 minutes performance 表演須3分鐘以內完成)
CCMHS01 Harp 豎琴
CCMHS02 Piano 鋼琴
CCMHS03 String e.g. Violin, Cello 弦樂
CCMHS04 Woodwind e.g. Flute, Clarinet 管樂
CCMHS05 Percussion 敲擊樂
Group 合奏組 (Maximum 6 minutes performance 表演須6分鐘以內完成)
CCMHG01 Handchime / Handbell 手鈴
CCMHG02 Ensemble e.g. duet, trio 合奏
CCMHG03 String e.g. Violin, Cello 弦樂
CCMHG04 Woodwind e.g. Flute, Clarinet 管樂
CCMHG05 Percussion 敲擊樂

* Piano accompanied will be participant’s optional arrangement and will not be considered as ensemble if participant apply for solo. 如欲鋼琴伴奏需自行安排, 報名參加獨奏之參賽者不會將伴奏表演評分。

* Due to the nature of open competition, we will arrange junior, senior, level at later stage after all applications received. 是次比賽為公開性質, 以個人整體表現工作主要評分, 故細分初中高級組別將於報名截止後按參加人數, 年齡, 級別等安排。

*ABRSM Grade 8 or above participants may be accepted to play more than 3 minutes. Please specify in your application and we may contact you to clarify if needed. 八級或以上參賽者可能選擇歌曲未能於3分鐘內完成, 請於報名表上註明預計完成時間, 本中心會按場地時限考慮接受其報名申請或聯絡跟進。

Rules & Regulations 比賽規則

Performance Judge 表演評分

The adjudicators will judge the performance based on the following criteria.

1. Sound 樂聲
a. Intonation 音準
b. Quality of Tone 音色
c. Balance 平衡
2. Technique 技巧
a. Articulations 奏法
b. Rhythm 節奏
3. Musical Performance音樂表演
a. Phrasing 樂句
b. Dynamics 力度對比
c. Interpretation 表逹
4. Othes其他
a. Choice of Literature


b. Accuracy 準確度

Prizes 獎項

Participants will be awarded below if his/her performance is up to below standard.


Prizes 獎項 Average Mark Level  平均分數
Gold 金獎 90 marks and above, 90分或以上
Silver 銀獎 85 – 89.99 marks 分
Bronze 銅獎 80 – 84.99 marks 分
Certificate 優異獎 Above 75 marks, 75分以上

Results will be announced at the end of each session. Participants can take the score sheet at the end of the competition, or at the Harmonie Harp Music & Art Centre up to 31st August with an authorization and participant ID copy.

參賽者將於參加之比賽結束後獲發分紙, 或於8月31日前,帶同授權文件及參賽者授權文件, 到香港豎琴藝術中心領取分纸。未有領回之分紙將於9月銷毀。

Notes 注意事項

1. If there is special situation, the Centre reserved the right to change, update or cancel of the above competition information e.g. date, time, venue, etc. There will be no refund of participation fees in any circumstances. No matter with any reason, e.g. bad weather, sickness, personal reasons,

如遇特殊情況, 本中心保留以上比賽資料之日期時間地點等之更改 / 更新 / 取消, 不論任何理由, 如因天氣而必須取消賽事 / 教育局宣佈停課 / 參賽者之私人理由不能參與 / 其他特殊情況而令是次賽事不能如期舉行等,本會並不作另行通知, 所有已收取之費用亦不會退還。

2. The Centre reserved all copyrights of video, recording, and photographs taking in related to this activity. Audience is not allowed to take photo, video, recordings or share any related to any media.


3. We will provide audience areas and participants will be arranged with two free seats in first come first serve basis. The Group will have final decision on any extra seats request.

是次比賽將設觀眾席,參賽者將獲分配兩個免費坐位(包括參賽者, 自由坐位, 先到先得),如須額外坐位,請先與本會聯絡購買入場劵(每張HKD100),本會將保留最終決定權。

4. For any enquiries, please contact below or your music teacher.


Tel 電話: +852 5300 3003      Email 電郵: