Harp Class 豎琴課程

Harp Beginner Class

We provide individual and group class (2-6 students).


Individual – Anyone who want to learn harp or want to take ABRSM / Trinity examination

Beginner I – for those completely new to harp instrument.

Beginner II – for those learning further basic skills after Beginner I.

Course Details

Group Class: 2 to 6 in class, mainly follow student’s interest
Practice Support: Rent our lap harp (pls refer e-shop for rental details) / 10% off practice room
Content: Individual Lesson mainly follow ABRSM / Trinity syllabus. Group class usually follow student’s interest with course materials developed by Centre teacher . Each member can use lap harp, lever harp or pedal harp to play.
Group Class Duration: 2-4 participants 45mins, 5-6 participants 60mins
Application: By two weeks before start date

How to apply
1. In Person
Fill in application form and settle course fee in cash. Or

2. By what’s app to 5300 3003
a. Provide participant’s Name, age and course name
b. Bank in slip to our Company account (Hang Seng Bank 789 286449 883)

In case any date &/or time changes, we will announce with Student Notice at earliest convenience. Please note there will be no make up lesson arrangement if participants absence in any of lesson.

All right reserved for any change of the above. Please call or what’s app us if any questions.



個別課: 適合所有對豎琴有興趣之人士

初班一: 為從未學過豎琴之人士

初班二: 延續初班一之豎琴學員


內容 : 個別課按ABRSM 或Trinity考級課程編制,小組按同學意向由本中心編制循環教學,完成後學員可彈奏簡單樂曲

1. 親身到本中心填妥一份報名表及以現金繳交有關學費;或
2. What’s app 5300 3003
參加者姓名丶年齡丶課程名稱及有關學費之入數紙(恆生銀行 789 286449 883)


個別課一般為30或45分鐘,小組一般為2-4位學員45, 5-6位學員60分鐘。最少2人開班,以上課程學員需預約日期及時間,日後如有任何更改,請參考學生通告,本課程不設補課,如學員缺席任何一課均作自動放棄論,本中心保留以上最終決定權。