Harp Music Healing Workshop 豎琴音樂舒壓療癒工作坊

This workshop is especially designed for all people who would like to have first touch on harp music and/or other music instruments in his/her healing journey. 本課程為特色課程, 對象為體驗豎琴音樂及有需要以此舒緩減輕壓力之人士, 讓學員踏出豎琴音樂旅程的第一步

Purpose of this workshop is to allow participants to explore various music instruments, e.g. harp, keyboard, drums, djembe, rainbow bells, other percussions, etc. to raise their interest, rhythmic, concentration, strengthen communication, collaboration, build confidence, relaxation, release stress, etc. Our Teacher hold Postgraduate Diploma in Music Therapy. 本工作坊目標為讓學員透過接觸不同樂器如豎琴, 鍵盤樂器, 結他, 非洲鼓, 彩虹鐘, 各種敲擊樂器等, 提升學員對音樂的興趣, 節奏與音樂感, 情緒表達, 專注力, 加強溝通合作, 增加自信, 放鬆減壓等. 課程導師為資深樂器導師持音樂治療深造文憑

Teacher is well-trained with postgraduate diploma in music therapy. Participants with special needs is also welcome. 除專業樂器訓練, 導師持音樂治療深造文憑, 歡迎有特殊需要的學員

There are 3 levels in this course. Each level of this course is with 8 lessons, once per week, teacher may provide some music instruments for trying purpose. We also have outreach services, welcome all clients from other organizations. 本課程共分三期,每期8堂,每星期一堂,導師按需要提供少量樂器給學員體驗試玩,另設外展服務,歡迎有需要機構合辦。

Each Course Fee 每期課程費用: HKD2,560 / 8 lessons 堂