How to buy harp strings?


Before you buy a string, you need to be clear the brand name and model of your harp. It’s because choice of strings depends on brand and model, which implying strings are with different materials and thickness. You may also need to refer to string charts to find out the specific octave and position. If you are a beginner, please ask your harp provider or teacher for more information. 由於各牌子及型號選弦的物料粗幼都不一樣,購買前請先了解牌子及型號,請參考弦線表的正確位置。如果你是初學者,亦可以向你購買豎琴的顧問或老師查詢。

Our Centre mainly provide Bow Brand, Camac, Harpmini strings which covers most popular brands, e.g. Lyon & Healy, Salvi, Camac, Harpmini. 本中心主要提供Bow Brand, Camac 及自家品牌Harpmini 的弦線

Below is basic string chart for your information. Please tell us which octave (1st , 2nd, 3rd, etc.) and name of string you need (e.g. C, D, E, etc.),or you can take a picture of the harp and what’s app 5300 3003 for enquiries. Your picture need to show from shortest string till your missing one. 以下為弦線圖表供參考之用,購買時請提供那一個八度的音名,例如第三個八度C,第四個八度F,如此類推。閣下亦可提供照片顯示斷弦位置(由最短的開始)向我們查詢。

Because harp string is consumable, you are highly recommended to check discounted string set from our e-shop to lower the cost. 弦線屬於耗材,如有需要請選擇整個八度降低成本。

Order Arrangement – you can order: 購買安排

1. From e-shop – follow the steps in e-shop to put your order in cart and checkout with your delivery Information. 由網上商店選購,放入購物車,填寫送貨資料及結賬。

2. Through what’s app 5300 3003 – tell us your needs, and we will calculate total amount for you. Once we got your payment proof, you can arrange pick up according to your choice. 可透過what’s 與客戶服務聯絡所需貨物,客戶服務員會計算總數及提供可付費方式及自取或送貨安排。

Delivery Arrangement – you can choose 送貨安排

1. Self pick up or arrange your courier – free of charge 自取或自行安排速遞到本中心取貨一費用全免

2. Arrange courier & “pay when arrive” by us – HKD20 (Admin fee) 由本中心安排速遞到付 一 本中心收取行政費用HKD20

3. Arrange registered mail or courier by us – HKD50 (Courier+Admin fee) 由本中心安排速遞 一 本中心收取行政費用HKD50起

Payment Arrangement – you can choose 付款安排

Deposit to Company Account 付款到本公司戶口

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789 286499 883
Harmonie Harp Music & Art Centre

Or 轉數快 FPS 53003003

Or Payme 5300 3003