How to buy or sell secondhand harp?


Purchasing a second hand harp can represent a considerable saving. We sell ex-rental harps as second hand, even if they have only been rented for a matter of months. This means that you can buy an almost new instrument at a significant discount. 為節省開支,購買二手豎琴為不少同學之首選。本中心不定期出售二手豎琴、或曾作租用、或學生放售,琴齡由幾個月到數年不等。

The price of secondhand harp depends on the age, maintenance, oxidation, any significant scars on the harp and then the overall condition. Sometimes, clients or students would like to sell their harp through us or set up consignment with us. 豎琴價格以琴齡、保養或氧化程度、損傷程度等,綜合成總評級定價。如客人或學生希望透過本中心放售,本中心可提供寄賣服務。

1. Seller – If you need consignment service or sell to our Centre directly, you may also what’s app 5300 3003 about your requirements and provide photos of your harp. Then, we will contact you for next steps and post to all our media web pages to speed it up. Please note we will have a percentage of service fee. 如賣家寄賣或直接出售予本中心,請以what’s app 5300 3003提供相片、要求價格、琴齡及整體評級,本中心收到後會聯絡你作進一步安排,寄賣資料將刋登於本中心所有有關網頁及社交網站內,加速出售可能性,注意此服務將會收取服務費。

2. Buyer – If you are buyer, please check our Facebook or e-shop regularly and queue up for the next. 買家可透過Facebook 或 e-shop 告示查詢最新情況或排隊。